Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Awareness and Judgements

As light workers - healers, mediums, card readers, therapists and counselors, we know that it is very important for us to be non-judgmental. We see different people from several walks of life. Our mission is to serve and help people reconnect with their own inner counselor, therapist, healer and ultimately, rediscover their Divinity. Counseling 101 teaches us to be non-judgmental, not to assume anything and be open.

However, we should also remind ourselves that we, in this lifetime, are human too. We come with our own baggage, build our own stories in the current life and are dealing with life as we know best. While the goal is to be 100% non-judgmental, the reality is far from it. When we meet a client for the first time, we may have certain per-conditioned beliefs about them. We may judge them, or assume their beliefs and behavior by the way they look. We may also make certain assumptions based on their lifestyle, career, sexuality and so on. Sometimes, when we listen to a client talk, we may also have several thoughts that pop in, assessing and judging them.


Our goal is not to be 100% non-judgmental - this may not be possible. Our goal is to be aware of our judgments and set that aside. Do not judge yourself because you judged someone. Do not add an impossible rule in your mind that, just because you are a light worker you need to be absolutely non-judgmental. You are only creating unwanted stress. Remember that non-judgment, like charity, begins at home. When you are aware of the assumptions and judgment you pass on someone or yourself, you then have a choice to set that thought aside. Next time you catch yourself judging someone, don't condemn yourself. Instead smile and say 'I judged someone. That is OK. Now let me put that thought aside and move on'. Or you could simply say 'Gotcha!':) 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Healing is Counseling

In many ways, I look at healing as counseling. You engage with your clients, you work with them though their fears, life situation, career, love and relationships. I truly believe that, to be a healer, one must also be a counselor.

While the word counselor has a very specific meaning in modern day - only referring to psychologists who have gone though rigorous academic training and are licensed by the State - this term can and does apply to everyone. You are a counselor when you truly listen to a friend in need, you are a counselor when your child needs comforting. You Already Are. It is not necessary to have a degree to develop these skills, and neither does a degree guarantee these skills.

Empathy - to be able to really feel what someone is going through.
Authenticity - to be genuine and real. Your clients are not stupid and can pick up when you are faking it.
Presence - To be truly be there - mind, body and spirit. People are naturally aware of energies that surround them, even when they are in a highly emotional state. They can pick up when you have gone for a mental stroll while with them.
Listening - Comes naturally when you are genuine, empathic and truly present with your client.
Awareness - Of what you sense from the other person and also, how you feel while you walk their path with them.
Mirroring - Remember that your clients do not need a projection of your beliefs but a reflection of theirs.

Remember that these are Life Skills. The term 'Life Skills' is crucial and I should examine further and point out that it is written that way for a specific reason.

a) Life - applicable to all relationships and not just with your clients. These skills are important and should be learnt by everyone, not just psychologists.
b) Skills - can be taught and picked up by anyone and everyone. It is not a talent you are born with but a skill that can be acquired. You just need to put in some effort in the beginning and soon you will realize that it comes naturally.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stepping out of the Spiritual Closet - A Leap of Faith

Every time I thought about becoming a professional healer, the thought of stepping out of the spiritual closet scared me. I feared teasing and name-calling. I wondered if my friends and family would call me a freak, weirdo or a phony and a fraud. I had lived a double-life before - the 'normal' me and the online me who belonged in spiritual groups. The stress of maintaining multiple email addresses, finding hidden time to practice my healing methods and meditate, calling my spiritual workshops as "psychology course" took a toll on me. One day, I decided. 'Enough is Enough'. I wrote this letter to all those who I anticipated would judge me.

Even though you never knew, I have been this person all my life. I am no different than what I was yesterday. I act, walk, talk the same way. My likes are the same, I watch the same TV shows and movies as I previously did. I still enjoy a good drink and a hearty laugh. I love to sing and dance, just the way I did. I dress the same and will engage in conversations that interest us both. I will NOT try to convince you of my beliefs and I will NEVER try to convert you. You have your own beliefs, as do I. Let us learn to respect and co-exist. 

For those who are scared and worried about coming out of the spiritual closet/broom closet - Fear of the thing is worse than the thing itself. Your imagination has more power over you than what anyone says or thinks. When someone treats you cruelly, be compassionate. Spiritual or religious debates go nowhere. As firm as you are in believing in what you do, so are they. If they judge you for being alternative, do not judge them for being traditional or plainly different from you. Instead, as you experience the ostracization, send out compassion. This works in two ways - one, as you draw from the universe to send a positive energy, it fills you as well and two, when you do not react to a conflict, the other party usually loses interest.

While you sit in meditation, ask yourself this - why do I fear ridicule? Is there an inherent need in me for acceptance and approval? Also, keep in mind that with spiritual change comes change in other aspects of your life as well such as romance, career and other relationships. Trust that these changes are for the highest good. If a relationship falls apart because of difference in beliefs, so be it. Know that the universe is removing this relationship to create space for new ones that resonate with you.

Prayer: Archangel Michael, I pray that you protect me from harsh words, people and environments. I trust that any change that occurs is for the highest good. Give me the assurance and strength to move away from energies that drain me, and towards energies that vitalize me. Help me be non-judgmental and a true channel of Divine Love. I trust that my need for acceptance and approval, which gives rise to this fear, will be healed and fulfilled. Thank you.

The following card from Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance Cards has a beautiful message.

Trust Your Imagination!

When you start working on visualizations, your ego would now and then crop up with the question 'You are just imagining this.' This is true even when you receive messages through your dreams, intuitive feelings and thoughts. You may also have friends and family who ridicule you, saying that you are just making it all up. When such comments, either internally from your ego or externally from others  taunt you, ask yourself this - how else would the Divine communicate?

If you expect to see a human-like form outside your head, you may not see one in the beginning. Even if you did, you would just get spooked and run for the hills. Remember that the Divine beings you wish to see and communicate with are vibrating at a higher frequency. Just like you need a microscope to see  micro-organisms that vibrate at one level, you need an aid to be able to discern Divine beings. However, this aid is not a lens in the physical world (al though there are methods such a Kirlan photography). This is your 3rd eye or the Ajna chakra. In order to fully utilize the chakra, you need to practice visualization everyday. As you get comfortable with this, you will begin to see images that you do not consciously conjure. In the beginning, these are usually like a flash, that lasts for a split-second. As you practice paying them attention and staying with the image, they last longer.

Every time you wonder if an image that 'popped up' in your head was a message or just your imagination, stay with the image. Be aware of how it makes you feel, what it means to you and if it answers any question you may have posed. Irrespective of your ego's running background commentary, trust the image. The source is not important (Divine or sub-conscious); the message is. Finally, so what if you did imagine it? As Dumbledore says, "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?"


Prayers and Affirmations

I have read many books, attended several workshops but always wondered - does prayer work or do affirmations work? Which of these is most effective? I finally discovered that depending on the type of energy work you are involved in, both work. 

When working with angels, ascended masters such as Christ, Buddha, Sai Baba etc., you look up to and ask for a wish to manifest. Usually in these cases, you ask the guidance of your angels or masters. This is a space of receiving energy. 

When you visualize or send energy to a wish, you are in an active state. Here, you send energy and affirm that that which you wish for has already manifested. 

The semantics of what you write does not matter as long as you focus on what you want (as opposed to what you do not want). For instance, it is OK to pray 'Dear angels, I pray that my bills are paid' or affirm 'My bills are paid' as long as the energy is focused on bills being paid. Do not focus on the outcome that you wish to avoid. For instance, do not say 'I pray that I do not default in paying my bills'. Here, you are focusing the energy on 'not defaulting' which is not a positive affirmation. 

Also, pray/affirm and focus on what you want. Do not worry or plan and plot on how you want it to be done. Trust that the Divine energy at play knows the best way to ensure you are taken care of. The Divine has a better sense of humor than the rest of us and definitely a better sense of imagination. When I started working on improving my communications with the angels I would specifically ask "Dear angels, please give me a specific dream so I know you are here". I waited and waited and never saw the dream I wanted to see. What I also ignored where other signs such as recurring number sequences. If you are looking for a specific sign from the angels or just want to know that they are with you, you can use the following prayer.

Prayer: Dear angels, I trust that you are with me at all times. I ask that you give me a sign of it and help me recognize and understand. Thank you.