Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Prayers and Affirmations

I have read many books, attended several workshops but always wondered - does prayer work or do affirmations work? Which of these is most effective? I finally discovered that depending on the type of energy work you are involved in, both work. 

When working with angels, ascended masters such as Christ, Buddha, Sai Baba etc., you look up to and ask for a wish to manifest. Usually in these cases, you ask the guidance of your angels or masters. This is a space of receiving energy. 

When you visualize or send energy to a wish, you are in an active state. Here, you send energy and affirm that that which you wish for has already manifested. 

The semantics of what you write does not matter as long as you focus on what you want (as opposed to what you do not want). For instance, it is OK to pray 'Dear angels, I pray that my bills are paid' or affirm 'My bills are paid' as long as the energy is focused on bills being paid. Do not focus on the outcome that you wish to avoid. For instance, do not say 'I pray that I do not default in paying my bills'. Here, you are focusing the energy on 'not defaulting' which is not a positive affirmation. 

Also, pray/affirm and focus on what you want. Do not worry or plan and plot on how you want it to be done. Trust that the Divine energy at play knows the best way to ensure you are taken care of. The Divine has a better sense of humor than the rest of us and definitely a better sense of imagination. When I started working on improving my communications with the angels I would specifically ask "Dear angels, please give me a specific dream so I know you are here". I waited and waited and never saw the dream I wanted to see. What I also ignored where other signs such as recurring number sequences. If you are looking for a specific sign from the angels or just want to know that they are with you, you can use the following prayer.

Prayer: Dear angels, I trust that you are with me at all times. I ask that you give me a sign of it and help me recognize and understand. Thank you.

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