Sunday, October 14, 2012

Healing is Counseling

In many ways, I look at healing as counseling. You engage with your clients, you work with them though their fears, life situation, career, love and relationships. I truly believe that, to be a healer, one must also be a counselor.

While the word counselor has a very specific meaning in modern day - only referring to psychologists who have gone though rigorous academic training and are licensed by the State - this term can and does apply to everyone. You are a counselor when you truly listen to a friend in need, you are a counselor when your child needs comforting. You Already Are. It is not necessary to have a degree to develop these skills, and neither does a degree guarantee these skills.

Empathy - to be able to really feel what someone is going through.
Authenticity - to be genuine and real. Your clients are not stupid and can pick up when you are faking it.
Presence - To be truly be there - mind, body and spirit. People are naturally aware of energies that surround them, even when they are in a highly emotional state. They can pick up when you have gone for a mental stroll while with them.
Listening - Comes naturally when you are genuine, empathic and truly present with your client.
Awareness - Of what you sense from the other person and also, how you feel while you walk their path with them.
Mirroring - Remember that your clients do not need a projection of your beliefs but a reflection of theirs.

Remember that these are Life Skills. The term 'Life Skills' is crucial and I should examine further and point out that it is written that way for a specific reason.

a) Life - applicable to all relationships and not just with your clients. These skills are important and should be learnt by everyone, not just psychologists.
b) Skills - can be taught and picked up by anyone and everyone. It is not a talent you are born with but a skill that can be acquired. You just need to put in some effort in the beginning and soon you will realize that it comes naturally.

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