Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Awareness and Judgements

As light workers - healers, mediums, card readers, therapists and counselors, we know that it is very important for us to be non-judgmental. We see different people from several walks of life. Our mission is to serve and help people reconnect with their own inner counselor, therapist, healer and ultimately, rediscover their Divinity. Counseling 101 teaches us to be non-judgmental, not to assume anything and be open.

However, we should also remind ourselves that we, in this lifetime, are human too. We come with our own baggage, build our own stories in the current life and are dealing with life as we know best. While the goal is to be 100% non-judgmental, the reality is far from it. When we meet a client for the first time, we may have certain per-conditioned beliefs about them. We may judge them, or assume their beliefs and behavior by the way they look. We may also make certain assumptions based on their lifestyle, career, sexuality and so on. Sometimes, when we listen to a client talk, we may also have several thoughts that pop in, assessing and judging them.


Our goal is not to be 100% non-judgmental - this may not be possible. Our goal is to be aware of our judgments and set that aside. Do not judge yourself because you judged someone. Do not add an impossible rule in your mind that, just because you are a light worker you need to be absolutely non-judgmental. You are only creating unwanted stress. Remember that non-judgment, like charity, begins at home. When you are aware of the assumptions and judgment you pass on someone or yourself, you then have a choice to set that thought aside. Next time you catch yourself judging someone, don't condemn yourself. Instead smile and say 'I judged someone. That is OK. Now let me put that thought aside and move on'. Or you could simply say 'Gotcha!':) 

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