Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trust Your Imagination!

When you start working on visualizations, your ego would now and then crop up with the question 'You are just imagining this.' This is true even when you receive messages through your dreams, intuitive feelings and thoughts. You may also have friends and family who ridicule you, saying that you are just making it all up. When such comments, either internally from your ego or externally from others  taunt you, ask yourself this - how else would the Divine communicate?

If you expect to see a human-like form outside your head, you may not see one in the beginning. Even if you did, you would just get spooked and run for the hills. Remember that the Divine beings you wish to see and communicate with are vibrating at a higher frequency. Just like you need a microscope to see  micro-organisms that vibrate at one level, you need an aid to be able to discern Divine beings. However, this aid is not a lens in the physical world (al though there are methods such a Kirlan photography). This is your 3rd eye or the Ajna chakra. In order to fully utilize the chakra, you need to practice visualization everyday. As you get comfortable with this, you will begin to see images that you do not consciously conjure. In the beginning, these are usually like a flash, that lasts for a split-second. As you practice paying them attention and staying with the image, they last longer.

Every time you wonder if an image that 'popped up' in your head was a message or just your imagination, stay with the image. Be aware of how it makes you feel, what it means to you and if it answers any question you may have posed. Irrespective of your ego's running background commentary, trust the image. The source is not important (Divine or sub-conscious); the message is. Finally, so what if you did imagine it? As Dumbledore says, "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?"


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